Discover How Course Creators, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs Are Increasing Their Leads And Sales On YouTube Without Ads And Daily Videos!

The 100K Channel Formula is my proven step-by-step program to help you build authority, generate more leads and sales from your offers, all while creating a wildly profitable YouTube channel.

Discover How Entrepreneurs and Influencers Are Increasing Their Authority, Traffic, and Income On YouTube Without Ads And Daily Videos!

100K Channel Formula is my proven step-by-step blueprint to help you increase authority and build a wildly successful and profitable YouTube channel from scratch, with no prior experience.

5 Reasons You Need To Start A YouTube Channel

  • Little to No Competition: Yes, you can still rank on YouTube as a new channel.
  • No Expiration:  Videos you release today can still generate leads and sales 5 years from now.
  • No Burn Out! With YouTube you can make 1 video a week or 2 videos a month and still generate more views and engagement than on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Borrowed Time: Facebook and Instagram's algorithms are always pushing you to pay to play. YouTube is literally trying to get your videos in front of people.
  • Indoctrination: You probably have a webinar that makes you sales. Why not have an entire Channel filled with hundreds of mini-webinars doing the same thing?

What Recent Clients Are Saying

Spencer Mecham: 7 Figure Affiliate Marketer and Creator of Affiliate Marketing Secrets. Known as the top affiliate marketer for ClickFunnels and the first affiliate to reach 7 figures as an affiliate all by using YouTube.



Did you know that there are people just like you on YouTube making 6 to 7 figures by creating just 1 video a week without having hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers? It sounds insane right!

You probably believe that making money on YouTube requires a large channel with millions of subscribers and millions of views, while that’s nice to have, I’m going to share with you three secrets that will change the way you look at YouTube.

As a YouTube Strategist and Consultant I've worked with top influencers, entrepreneurs, and businesses helping them turn their YouTube Channels into money making machines!

I know you’re probably thinking. 
"It’s too late to get on YouTube!" 
"It’s so competitive!" 
"Making videos takes a lot of time!"

The truth is it's not too late, your competitors suck at YouTube, and I can teach you how to make videos in just an hour.

I've spent the last 12 years working on over 100 different YouTube channels to figure this out!

This program is going to breakdown step by step how to know your audience and create the content they are searching for, and not only will people find and watch your videos. They’ll engage with them and ask for more.

But more importantly want to buy what you have to offer!

What Other Clients Are Saying

Scott Simson,
CEO of Video Marketing World

"Anthony knows what he is talking about when it comes to YouTube strategy. He has spoken at our event multiple times and the knowledge he provides is always top notch and cutting edge. He is a smart strategist and all around good guy."

Aricka Wilde,
Sr. Manager of Social & Content Marketing at Young Living Essential Oils
Grew to 149,000 Subscribers

"Anthony helped provide incredible insights to our channel and strategy to ensure success in the future. He's very personable and knowledgeable, I would highly recommend working with him."

Bobby Macey,
Sr. Content Strategist at
Grew to 477,000 Subscribers

"Anthony is very knowledgeable and he blew our minds! And we feel like we know YouTube. Bringing in Anthony was the cherry on top and so I highly recommend if you have the chance to work with him, do it!"

What Previous Clients Have To Say

Mike Quist: Owner of Stone Coat Countertops with 1.44 Million Subscribers and 329M Views. Built a multi-million e-commerce business using YouTube

Mei Pak: CEO of Creative Hive. Started with 3,000 subs and is now at 140,000 subscribers and generating 7 figures selling her course

The Kwak Brothers: Went from 60K Subs to 140K subs in less than a year while also managing to create 6 figure months all through YouTube. Currently at 342,000 subscribers

Bobby Macey: Sr. Content Strategist at Clearlink who oversaw the development of YouTube Channel that went from 13K to 32K subs in 1 month

Coach Sean Smith: Founder of Elite Coaching University. Has generated 6 figures in revenue and ranks for major keywords like 'life coach training'

Lewis Fausett: Co-Founder of Patrick Adair Designs a 7 Figure Jewelry E-Commerce Business and E-mail Marketing Consultant

Jared Geddes: Evening Woodworker used the 100K formula and gained over 25,000 views on his first video Since joining has gained 20,000+ subscribers. Currently at 85K subs

Jeremy Vest: YouTube Strategist at Braille Skateboarding and Former Director of Marketing at VidIQ

Dan Henry: Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author and Owner of

We Make Sure You Have Everything You Need To Get Results Quickly

4 Week Program

In the first 2 weeks you'll know exactly what to create, by week 3 you'll be creating amazing videos and by week 4 you'll have launched your YouTube channel to the world!

Step-By-Step Videos

You'll get step-by-step video tutorials and trainings where you get to see 'behind-the-scenes' and over-my-shoulder look into how the *BIG* channels grow their YouTube channels.

Private Community

Not only are you getting a step-by-step program, but you're getting access to our VIP private community for members only to network, collaborate, get feedback and grow together. 

Pre-Made Templates

Growing on Youtube usually takes a lot of work, but we've done the hard work for you, just grab our pre-made templates for optimizing your videos and just plug and play.

Scripts, PDF's, Tools

Not sure what to say in your videos? No problem, we'll show you how to script your videos quickly and easily, and how to actually make it a FUN process and something you want to keep doing.

Monthly Call

What if you get stuck? No problem, you can ask in the VIP private group or jump on one of our monthly calls and I'll answer all your questions as well as keep information up to date.

Here's Everything You Get When You Enroll Today:

  • 100K Channel Formula  ($4,997 value)
  • VIP Private Community on Facebook ($997 value)
  • Monthly Live Training & Q&A ($1,497 value)
  • 1 HR Video Creation Framework  ($197 value)

Total Value: $7,688


We Look Forward To Seeing You Join the 100K Club

Everyday people just like you are taking action and growing their YouTube channel using these exact methods you're about to learn.
Cubiertas Epoxi: New channel that within a year surpassed 100,000 subscribers! This is my dad, who at age 50 became a YouTube celebrity. Living in Cancun, Mexico doing YouTube. Currently at 329,000 Subscribers

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The best time to start a youtube channel was 10 years ago, the second best time is today with my proven step-by-step program to help you build authority, generate more leads and sales from your offers, all while creating a wildly profitable YouTube channel.
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